Cynthia Drescher


Hello, there.

You’re reading about me, an online editor and pro blogger who lives in New York City and contributes to a variety of your favorite sites. I write what I love, and chief among my passions is international travel, culture and style. In fact, I’ve got something of a degree in the stuff, having completed studies in the Anthropology of Tourism and other such seemingly makebelieve areas.

Several years ago I traded the asphalt freeways of the Midwest for the cobblestones of Rome and southern Germany, where I interned with the International Organization for Migration and drank prosecco for lunch. There are countless countries in my past, but my homes for now are the 212 and the 312.

While it’s very possible that I’m out gathering fodder for stories most of the time, you may also run into me 100′ underwater on a scuba dive, 33,000′ above the arctic on a direct to Hong Kong or doing a crossword in a greasy spoon at sea level.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio, and I look forward to meeting in real life. – Cynthia

At The Ace Hotel PDX. Summer 2011.


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